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heartgut's Journal

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Little Museums
Our good friend Jon Taylor once said, "My life is a story I like because it's mine."

I tend toward believing everythings are built on sand, patterns are little accidental miracles, and I know I indulge in magical thinking at times because it is friendly

and because livejournal won't put my interests on my info page the way I'd like them to: making nice things that the jungle eats up at the end of the day, being landlocked in bodies that don't keep, the ties that bind, wonder and reveling, (the idea of/actuality of) acid westerns, being an inside-outsider on midwest rural culture, things that wouldn't exist unless somebody made them, inter-subjectivity, the similarities between dreaming and taking in media (you are still and all these things happen), lebenswelt, the personality of places

It takes a lot to make a place worth spending a life in it.

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